Animal Control

What should you do if you lose your pet?


In the event that you lose your pet, you should contact the shelter to see if your pet has been picked up.  It is the shelter’s policy to hold animals for 72 hours and after that, they are put up for adoption.
Is there a leash law in Columbus County?
There is no leash law in Columbus County. 
Do all animals need a rabies vaccination?
By NC Statute, every cat, dog and ferret within the county must have a Rabies Vaccination and have their current rabies vaccination displayed on their collars. Rabies Vaccinations are available at the shelter on Tuesdays from 9-11 and 2-4 and Thursdays 9-11 and 2-4. Appointments may be made by calling 910-641-3945.
Rabies Vaccinations are also available by contacting your pet's veterinarian
What kinds of vouchers are offered by the County?
As of July 1, 2011, when a pet is adopted from the shelter you have the option of getting a voucher to have the pet spayed or neutered at a reduced cost.  This service is provided by some of the local veterinarians in Columbus County.
How do you adopt a pet from the shelter?
Come to the shelter and take a look at the animals and if you find one you like, the adoption process takes about ten minutes.  You will have to show your picture ID and the adoption fee is $135 for dog, which includes parvo, distemper, rabies, bordatella, parainfulenza and hepatitis vaccinations as well as the spaying and neutering of the pet.  Cats receive similar services and are $85 each.
What events are offered by the shelter?
There is a rabies vaccination clinic that is offered twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall. The cost of the vaccination at this clinic is $5.00. These events are advertised in the News Reporter and flyers are posted at the shelter. 

Clear the Shelter Event every August with half price adoptions.
Who are the veterinarians in Columbus County?
Dr. Nicole Martin at Southern Veterinary 910-642-3776
Dr. John Sthih at the Animal Hospital 910-642-3221
Dr. Jeff Burroughs at Columbus Veterinary Clinic 910-654-6952
Dr. Tiffany Barnhill at South Columbus Animal Hospital 910-653-8500
What to do if you suspect animal abuse?
You should call the shelter to make a complaint immediately.  When calling in to make a complaint, you will need to give your name, the physical address of the property where the animal is located, a description of the suspected abuse and a phone number where someone can contact you should it be necessary.
How can you become a volunteer?
To become a volunteer, you must come by the shelter and speak to the director and sign a volunteer release form. We have forms for minors and adults. Minors must have their guardian’s signature and verbal permission given to the director.
What is the Cost of Spay / Neuter?
Female Cat $50.00
Male Cat $30.00
Female Dog Under 50 lbs $80.00
Female Dog Over 50 lbs $100.00
Male Dog Under 50 lbs $50.00
Male Dog Over 50 lbs $70.00
DHLPP $10.00
FVRCP $10.00

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Loretta Shipman, Director
288 Legion Drive, Whiteville, NC  28472

Hours: Monday - Friday 12pm till 4 pm
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All calls before 12pm will be returned within 2 hours  

All emergency calls need to call 911 before 12pm

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