In addition to appropriating disaster relief funds, Section 5.16 of SB31 imposes a moratorium on fees associated with permits, Inspections,  or certificates of occupancy for any commercial or residential projects Involving construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, movement to another site, removal, or demolition of manufactured homes, buildings, dwellings or other structures damaged as a direct result of Hurricane Florence. The moratorium applies to fees charged by the NC Deportment of Insurance as well as cities and counties designated under a Hurricane Florence major Presidential disaster declaration. For cities and counties not covered under a Florence Presidential disaster declaration, the moratorium does not apply. Even In declared Jurisdictions; the moratorium does not apply to projects not directly related to damage resulting from Hurricane FlorenceSB3 imposed the building and Inspection fee moratorium retroactive to September 13, 2018, and extends the moratorium until December 31, 2018. Individuals already charged a fee for building permits, inspections, or certificate of occupancy on or after September 13th for repair or demolition work described above directly related to Hurricane Florence In declared jurisdictions are entitled to a refund of that fee.The Department of Insurance and cities and counties covered under a Florence declaration are required to post a notice of the availability of the refunds on their websites. 


Proof needs to be shown that home was damaged due to Hurricane Florence.