Boards & Committees

Title Contact Description
Airport Authority Phil Edwards 642-6187 The Columbus County Airport Authority, for the purpose of doing business,constitutes a Board of Directors that adopt suitable bylaws for the airport’s management. They serve as a recommending board to The Columbus County Board of Commissioners to control, regulate and provide for the development of Aviation in the County of Columbus. The Columbus County Airport Authority consist of seven members who are residents of the county. They are appointed by the Columbus County Board of Commissioners
Animal Control Advisory Council 641-3945 The purpose of the board is discussing improvements and changes that need to be made for this county and shelter when it comes to animal relations.
Beaver Management Committee Morgan Hayes
642-2196 ext. 3
Assist with a management plan for beaver across Columbus County
Board of Adjustment Gary Lanier 640-2851 The Columbus County Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial board appointed by the Columbus County Board of Commissioners. A quasi-judicial hearing is similar to a court hearing in that witnesses are sworn in and decisions are based on evidence and factual testimony rather than opinions. The Board’s responsibilities include granting variances, granting Special Use Permits (SUP), and hearing appeals of administrative decisions made by zoning administrators. The Board of Adjustment meets the third Tuesday of every month at 6 pm in the Commissioner Chambers at the Dempsey Herring Courthouse Annex at 112 West Smith Street in Whiteville
Board of Health Kim Smith 640-6615 Columbus County Board of Health has the responsibility to protect and promote the public’s health. The board has the authority to adopt rules necessary for that purpose. Columbus County Board of Health is the policy-making, rule-making and adjudicatory body for ColumbusCounty Health Department.
Columbus County Disaster Response David Ransom
Coordinates volunteer groups and other similar helping organizations to assist disaster victims with essential needs that arise.
Columbus County Partnership for Children Selena Rowell 499-4548 Provides funding to area Day Care providers and other agencies that serve children. Identifies ways to ensure that young children in our county have accessto early education and health services.
Cooperative Extension Advisory Board Dalton Dockery 640-6605 The purpose of the board is to be a representative of the county and to provide us what the needs are. Also to tell us if we are meeting those needs and what we could do better.
Economic Development Commission Gary Lanier 640-6608 The Columbus County Economic Development Commission is an eight member board appointed by the members of the Columbus County Board of Commissioners. The EDC Board members provide oversite and make recommendations to the Director of Economic Development with regard to the recruitment ofbusiness and industry, the expansion of existing industry, and the expansion of infrastructure to support the development of industrial parks throughout the county.
Emergency Communications Committee Edwin Ezzell
Promote safety and welfare for the citizens and first responders. Promote better communications between public safety agencies. Seek available grants to expand or improve the County Emergency Communications Infrastructure. Keep the Board of Commissioners informed about communication issues. Make recommendations on the future improvements of communications. Help coordinate agency education regarding emergency communications.
Emergency Food & Shelter Board David Ransom
EMS Peer Review Dr. Peter Chambers Serves as the Oversight and Review Committee for all Emergency Medical Services(EMS) operating in the county as well as the county Emergency Medical Dispatch Program (EMD). Performs Medical Review of EMS system data. Evaluates and assesses the needs and effectiveness of the educational program for staff and the system’s policies and/or protocols as it relates to patient care. Recommendations shall be made to the Medical Director for changes. Evaluates, reviews and makes recommendations as to how all Emergency Medical Services operating in the county are integrated and operates within the overall healthcare system within the community.
Fire & Rescue Association Randy Guyton Determines funding priorities by which services will be available and the amounts to be spent. Responsible for allocation of funds to agencies best able to provide the priority services. Responsible for selecting local receiving organization. Ensures that funding is spent in accordance with the National Guidelines.
Fire Peer Review Randy Guyton  
Industrial Facilities & Pollution Control Board Gary Lanier 640-6608 The members of the Columbus County Industrial Facilities & Pollution Control Board serve in an oversite role when certain types of industrial bonds are being issued with the approval of the North Carolina Department of the Treasurer. Such bonds are typically issued by corporations to finance large industrial water or wastewater systems constructed to supply the needs of a facility located within the county.
Juvenile Crime Prevention Council Nicole Hopkins
Works with community programswho serve youth and their families. Provides funding, monitors the use of those funds, and identifies needed services in the county.
Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)   Responsible for the development of the County’s Emergency Operations Plan and regular review and updating of the plan. Receives Tier II reports from industry. Community right to know activities, including providing public access to information. Assessment of resources necessary to implement the Emergency Operations Plan, and making of recommendations to appropriate people, agencies and organizations regarding additional resources needed to implement the plan.
NC Pre-K Advisory Committee Kim Edwards 642-5168 Provides funding for facilities to serve children in Pre-K classrooms. Advocates for funding to help serve children and families in Columbus County.
Planning Board Gary Lanier 640-2851 The Columbus County Planning Board hears and makes formal recommendations to the Columbus County Board of Commissioners on proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance and other development ordinances. The Planning Board also conducts public hearings on Special Use Permit applications followed by a recommendation to the Board of Adjustment. Other duties, include reviewing preliminary plats of major subdivisions. The Planning Board meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6 pm in the Commissioner Chambers at the Dempsey Herring Courthouse Annex at 112 West Smith Street in Whiteville
Recreation Advisory Board Julie Strickland 640-6624 The Recreation Advisory Board is comprised of county citizens appointed by each district commissioner and serves in an advisory capacity.  This board shall make recommendations with the Recreation Director concerning the administration of the affairs of recreation.  This board meets quarterly at Columbus County Recreation Department at 6p.m.
Resident Advisory Board Rebecca Tyson 640-6618 As a Section 8 Rental Assistance Tenant ,you are automatically a member of our Resident Advisory Board. We are interested in any concerns you may have related to your housing needs. Periodically HUD changes our Payment Standards, Income Limits, (Changes to our Administration Plan), and other things that may affect your assistance. All of these changes will be on display 20 days before effective on the office bulletin board for your review. We encourage you to look over these any time you are in the office.
Retired & Senior Volunteer Program Board Teresa Nelson  910-788-6294 Provides retired & senior volunteers with a variety of service opportunities in various public and nonprofit agencies.
Safety Committee David Ransom 640-6610 Provides oversight to the County Safety Program. Makes recommendations to improve county buildings and work areas to prevent accidents from occurring or reoccurring.
Soil & Water Conservation District Board Of Supervisors Morgan Hayes
642-2196 ext. 3
To administer the operations of the local Soil & Water Conservation District
Southeastern Healthcare Preparedness Region Hans Edwards Counties in the South East Region of the State. Improve and mitigate potential hazards that may affect the region. Composed of representation from EMS, Hospital, and Emergency Management.
Tourism Development Authority Jennifer Holcomb 642-3171 Our goal is to increase economic development through the promotion of travel and tourism.
Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) Joy Jacobs 641-3929 Reviews policy for Columbus County Transportation, approves funds and monitors service provided by the transportation system. Also identifies transportation needs.
Voluntary Agricultural District Board Morgan Hayes
642-2196 ext. 3
Encourages the preservation and protection of farmland