Hours of Operation:   Monday - Friday -  8:30am to 12:00pm & 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Welcome to Columbus County Parks and Recreation Department. Our goal as a department
 is to provide recreational activities to better enhance the quality of life of our citizens in Columbus County.



Bogue Community Park
-Location 780 Red Bug Rd, Hallsboro, NC
-Amenities: Bogue Park is 7 acres located on Red Bug Rd.  This park consists of baseball/softball field, playground area, picnic shelter and 2 basketball courts.

Bolton Park
-Location 175 Old 211 St, Bolton, NC 
-Amenities: Bolton Park is located on old 211. This park consists of 3 acres, which features a basketball court, picnic shelter, play ground area and a multipurpose open space.

Buckhead Community Park
-Location 7275 Old Lake Rd, Bolton, NC
-Amenities: Buckhead Community Park is located on Old Lake Rd. This park consists of 7 acres with a lighted baseball/softball field, pressbox with concession, basketball court, picnic shelter and playground area. 

Carver Community Park
-Location 213 Carver Circle, Fair Bluff, NC
-Amenities: Carver Community Park is located on Carver Circle in Fair Bluff NC.  This park has a mass of 5 acres, which includes a basketball court and a baseball/softball field.

Cerro Gordo Athletic Fields
-Location 404 Railroad St E, Cerro Gordo
-Amenities: Cerro Gordo Athletic fields consist of 5 acres with 2 lighted baseball fields, 2 concession stands and an outdoor batting cage. 

Civitan Park
-Location 100 Orange St. Tabor City, NC
-Amenities: Civitan Park is located on Orange St. in Tabor City.  It is 1 acre with a playground area and picnic shelter.

Chadbourn Depot Museum
-Location 201 W 1st St. E, Chadbourn, NC

Council Field
-Location 154 Pecan Lane, Lake Waccamaw, NC
-Amenities: Council Field is 3 acres located on Pecan Lane in Lake Waccamaw.  It consists of one baseball/softball field.

Edgewood Park
-Location 317 E Calhoun St, Whiteville, NC
-Amenities: Edgewood Park is one of our most utilized parks in the county.  It is located on East Calhoun St. in Whiteville.  This park is 4 acres that consists of a baseball/softball field, outdoor volleyball; multi purpose open space used for Division I soccer (3 fields), playground area and a picnic shelter.

Elizabeth Brinkley Park
-Location 100 Columbia Ave. Lake Waccamaw, NC
-Amenities: Elizabeth Brinkley Park is one of our largest parks in the county.  This park has a mass of 18 acres which consists of 2 lighted ball fields, 2 pressbox concession stands, 2 tennis courts, playground area, batting cages, outdoor volleyball, soccer field, 2 picnic shelters, bathroom facility and a walking trail.

Elra Gertrude Spaulding Community Park
-Location 819 Farmers Union Rd. Clarkton, NC
-Amenities: Elra Gertrude Spaulding Community Park is located in the Farmers Union Community.  This park is 5 acres, which consists of a baseball/softball field, basketball court, playground area and a picnic shelter.

Fair Bluff Riverwalk Park
-Location 146 Riverside Dr. Fair Bluff, NC
-Amenities: Fair Bluff Riverwalk Park is on Riverside Dr. in Fair Bluff.  This park consists of a playground and “River Walk” which extends over a mile long.

Fitness Park - Whiteville
-Location 131 Government Complex Rd. Whiteville, NC
-Amenities: The Fitness Park is a 10 acre open space, with a 1/2 mile ADA Composite walking trail.

Lake Tabor Recreational Park
-Location 102 Lynwood Norris St. Tabor City, NC
-Amenities: Lake Tabor Park is 5 acres, which is located on Lynwood Norris St.  This park consists of a lighted baseball/softball field, pressbox with concession stand, 2 basketball courts, paved walking trail, picnic shelter, restroom facility, batting cages and a playground.

Old Dock Community Park
-Location 12844 New Britton Hwy E. Whiteville, NC
-Amenities: Old Dock Community Park is located on New Britton Hwy.  This park is 5 acres, which consists of a lighted baseball/softball field, playground area, basketball court, pressbox with concession stand, 1 batting cage and community center.

Progressive Women’s Park
-Location 135 Rogers St. Fair Bluff, NC
-Amenities: Progressive Women’s Park is located on Rogers St in Fair Bluff.  This park is 1 acre, which consists of a picnic shelter, youth basketball court and playground.

Ransom Community Park
-Location 2694 General Howe Hwy. Riegelwood, NC
-Amenities:  Ransom Community Park is a 15-acre park located on General Howe Hwy.  This park consists of 2 baseball/softball fields, 2 basketball courts, walking trail, concession area, bathroom facility, picnic shelter and playground.

Riegelwood Community Park
-Location 142  Waccamaw Road Riegelwood, NC
-Amenities: Riegelwood Community Park is 18-acre park located on Highway 87 in Riegelwood.  This parks amenities include 4 lighted baseball/softball fields, playground, 2 picnic shelters, outdoor volleyball, basketball court, 2 pressboxes with concession, one press box, 2 batting cages, multipurpose field, bathroom facilities and a community center. 

Sandyfield Park
-Location 1811 Woodyard Rd, Riegelwood, NC
-Amenities: Sandyfield Park is located on Woodyard Rd.  This park is 4 acres, which consists of a basketball court, playground and picnic shelter.

St. James Community Park
-Location 1000 Carver Moore Rd. Lake Waccamaw, NC
-Amenities: St. James Community Park is a 9.25 acre park located on Carver Moore Rd.  The amenities for this park are a baseball/softball field, picnic shelter, outdoor volleyball and playground.

Tabor City Recreational Complex
-Location 229 Complex St. Tabor City, NC
-Amenities: Tabor City Recreational Complex is the largest recreational facility in Columbus County with approximately 26 acres.  This facility consist of 5 lighted baseball/softball fields, lighted football field/multipurpose field, 2 tennis courts, 3 press boxes, 2 concession stands, “Wall Ball” wall, 2 batting cages, 3 picnic shelters, bathroom facilities and a playground.

Community Centers

Riegelwood Community Center
-Location 305 Hwy 87, Riegelwood, NC
-Amenities: Riegelwood Community Center is 3200 sq. ft in size.  It has one large open room, a kitchen facility and 3 bathroom facilities. This facility has enough tables and chairs for up to 80 people.

Old Dock Community Center
-Location 12844 New Britton Hwy E. Whiteville, NC
-Amenities: Old Dock Community Center is 1500 sq. ft. in size. It has one large open room, a kitchen area and a bathroom facility.