Welcome To Columbus County


The Columbus County Health Department is giving out Mosquito Dunks to the residents of Columbus County. These dunks:
• Kill mosquito larvae in standing water where adult mosquitoes breed.
• Control larvae of mosquitoes which may transmit diseases.
• Can be used in garden ponds, bird baths, fish ponds, water gardens, rain barrels, fountains, ornamental pools, roof gutters, and anywhere you may have standing water.
• Can also be applied to sites that contain Fish and Plants
• Work for 60 days.

Please read the following Caution:
KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. These Dunks are small and may resemble candy. This product is NOT to be ingested.

The community, elected officials and county staff strive to work together on behalf of all of our citizens and visitors. 
At 954 sq. miles, Columbus County is the third largest county in North Carolina and is home to 58,068 residents.
Columbus County is famous for its small towns and friendly atmosphere.

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