Department of Social Services


The Columbus County Department of Social Services will strive to alleviate distress among the people of the county by promoting the general welfare and safe guarding of children, the elderly and disabled adults from abuse and neglect. We will encourage self sufficiency and promote personal responsibility.

This central email has been implemented for Non-Magi Medicaid beneficiaries to be able to email their verifications required for recertification.

Crisis Intervention Energy Program

Crisis Intervention Program


Social Services
Name Title Phone Number
Dwella M. Hall Interim Director
Suzanne Brown Administrative Assistant
Rebecca Cance Accounting Specialist
Nola Wiles Personnel Technician
Paula S. Spivey Computer Systems Administrator
Darlene Jenkins-Parks Income Maintenance Administrator
Rose Nance Food and Nutrition Supervisor
Shadonna Hemingway Food and Nutrition Supervisor
Denise Branch Family and Children’s Medicaid Supervisor
Amber Bullard Long Term Care Medicaid and Transportation Supervisor
Kayla N. Murphy Family and Children Medicaid Supervisor
Tammy Vereen Adult Medicaid Supervisor
Shannon Dudney Adult Medicaid Supervisor
Kelly Batten Child Support Enforcement Supervisor
Jim Haynes Child Support Establishment Supervisor
Dwella M. Hall Program Manager Child Welfare, Adult Services, Program Integrity & Energy Assistance
Dorene S. Evans Adult Protective Services Supervisor
Michelle Bordeaux Daycare & Work First Supervisor
Willena Bullard Links, Foster Care Licensing and Adoption Supervisor
Kristen Nealey Prevatte Foster Care Supervisor
Marcee Swindell-Thompson In Home Services Supervisor
Patches J. McQueen Child Protective Services Supervisor