Adult Services

Assisting the elderly and disabled citizens in overcomimg the barriers to a healthy and satisfying life.

Aid to the Blind:
Assists the visually impaired in developing their maximum individual capacities and in becoming self sufficient.

Adult Day Care:
Supervises care in a licensed facility for less than 24 hours per day.    This service is to support the personal independence of disabled/older adults and to promote their social, physical and emotional well being.   DSS monitors facilities monthly to assure that care is provided in accordance with North Carolina Adult Day Care standards.

Domicillary Licensure:
Involves recruitment, licensure, relicensure and monitoring of rest homes and group homes.

Foster Care for Adults:
Helps locate suitable care for those adults who must be in a rest home or nursing home.

Adult Care Home Case Management:
The goal is to improve the overall quality of care for Special Assistance/Medicaid eligible residents of adult care homes.   The service provides additional support to those eligible residents who are seriously impaired and require more extensive assistance in order to have their needs adequately addressed.

The legal guardian is responsible for finding and consenting to appropriate physical, mental, and medical treatment.  As general guardian the Director also provides financial management for the client.

Protective Services for Adults:
Provided to correct or prevent abuse, neglect, or exploitation of the elderly or disabled adults.

Medicaid for Adults:
Helps eligible elderly and disabled citizens access medical care.   Program helps adults remain in the community and pays cost for eligible citizens in nursing homes.

Special Assistance:
Supplements the cost of care to pay for rest home placement.